Compressed Fiberglass Acoustical Panels

Why Control Sound?

INCREASED AND BETTER AUDIBILITY: A good acoustical sound absorption ceiling/ panels will help to talk, converse at a lower tone and drain lesser energy with clear deliveries thus establishing clarity in communication.

REDUCES STRESS LEVELS: A good acoustical sound absorption system helps in proper deflection of communication thereby reducing stress levels and contributing to better health conditions for all.

REDUCES NOISE POLLUTION: Good acoustical system in general, greatly reduces noise pollution and thus regulating body pressure. This, in turn, leads to higher output and energy levels.

Why Tranquil APS?
  • The product is manufactured in an ultra-modern plant in America.
  • Up to 60% of the material to produce glass wool is recycled.
  • A safe fire retardant product which generates non-toxic smoke.
  • The product meets standards of ASTM C 423 for NRC.
  • No carcinogenic material. According to assessments by entities such as OSHA, EPA, IARC and NAIMA, Compressed Fiberglass do not cause cancer.
  • Products are anti-bacterial, mold/moisture resistant.
  • Tranquil APS comes with a warranty of 2 years against manufacturing defect from the date of purchase by the original buyer.